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Article: Discover the 3 types of lighting essential for a well-lit kitchen

Discover the 3 types of lighting essential for a well-lit kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It must be well lit to guarantee an optimal working space, but also to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. In this article, we present to you the 3 types of lighting essential for a well-lit kitchen and how to implement them in your interior.

1. General lighting

Why is this important?

General lighting ensures a sufficient level of light for the entire room and allows daily tasks to be carried out without difficulty. It is essential for good visibility and to avoid shadowy areas which could be dangerous when preparing meals.

How to set it up?

For optimal general lighting, choose a ceiling light or pendant lights distributed above the central space of the kitchen. Choose LED bulbs, economical and durable, and opt for a warm color temperature for a friendly atmosphere.

2. Functional lighting

Why is this important?

Functional lighting is essential for performing specific tasks such as cutting, cooking or reading recipes. It helps avoid accidents and work with precision.

How to set it up?

Install LED spotlights or strips under wall units to directly illuminate the work surface. For even more precise lighting, opt for articulated lamps or light bars to attach directly to the furniture. Be sure to choose a neutral color temperature for more natural color rendering.

3. Ambient lighting

Why is this important?

Ambient lighting brings an aesthetic and warm touch to the kitchen. It helps to create a pleasant atmosphere for cooking and sharing meals with family or friends.

How to set it up?

For successful ambient lighting, increase the number of indirect light sources. Install LED strips or fairy lights along furniture, shelves or around the credenza. You can also opt for table lamps or wall lights to accentuate certain decorative elements.

A well-lit kitchen requires a harmonious combination of three types of lighting: general, functional and ambient. Don’t hesitate to adapt these tips to your space and your needs to create a kitchen that is functional and pleasant to live in.

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