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Article: [COMPLETE GUIDE] Which Lighting for Entrance Hall?

[COMPLETE GUIDE] Which Lighting for Entrance Hall?

Are you planning to bring a new atmosphere to your home? Do you want to install a light fixture for your entrance hall?

Welcome to Ambiance Luminaire, the home lighting expert! Every week we feature blog posts that will help you decide on your next light fixture. After talking about lighting for the living room and dining room , and the ideal pendant light for the kitchen , let's move on to lighting the entrance hall !

In this article, we will see together:

  • The ideal height for a light fixture in the entrance hall
  • The different possible lighting fixtures
  • The difference between a pendant light and a ceiling light

Let's go !

What Height for an Entrance Hall Light?

The first thing to know when you want to install a light fixture in a room in your house is to know the height of your ceiling ! Indeed, the height of it will directly influence the type of lighting. See instead:

  • A low ceiling will require lighting directed downwards in order to limit this feeling of confinement. So choose chandeliers with bells !
  • A high ceiling will, conversely, need wall lights in order to benefit from lighting directed upwards !

You will quickly understand that lighting in a house mainly serves to balance the distance ratio between the floor and your ceiling . So, the higher your ceiling, the more it will be wise to provide omnidirectional lighting to avoid accentuating the space when you raise your head! To answer the question in the title, the height of the fixture will only concern chandeliers. Allow 30 to 50 cm distance between the bulb and the ceiling !

lighted house

Which Lighting Should You Choose for Your Entrance Hall?

After understanding the role of different types of lighting , it will be quick to answer the question in the article! Let's take a look at the conditions in your entrance hall for each type of light.

Hanging Lights for Entrance Hall

As explained in the first part of the article, bell chandeliers are perfect when you have a high ceiling. However, there are chandeliers without a bell! Thesesuspended lights will therefore be suitable for any entrance hall . Whether you have a high ceiling because of a staircase, or a low ceiling if you have an entryway color, choosing pendant lights is a risk-free choice . The only disadvantage of this type of lighting is the space used which can be quite significant !

row house

A Ceiling Light for Entrance Hall

Choosing a ceiling light can be a good idea if you want to illuminate effectively, while taking up little space! However, the choice of this type of lighting will require two conditions:

  1. A relatively low ceiling so that the lighting is the most optimal
  2. A certain patience ! Indeed, installation can be more tedious if your light fixture is embedded in the ceiling or wall

You can also opt for wall lights, which are easier to install! However, the lighting will be less efficient.

Light up your Entrance with our Scandinavian Pendant Lights!

Here we are already at the end of the article! We have seen through these lines the different questions to ask yourself when choosing your future lighting fixture. Does your entrance hall have a high ceiling? Or a low ceiling ? Is your entrance just a narrow hallway or is it spaced out ? By answering these questions, you will know how to optimize the lighting of your luminaire! All you have to do is discover our pendant lights by clicking on the banner just below.

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