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Article: Which Lighting for the Living Room and Dining Room?

Which Lighting for the Living Room and Dining Room?

Do you want to replace your current installation with new lights? Are you looking for the ideal light fixture for your living room and/or dining room ?

Welcome to Ambiance Luminaire , the reference site for home lighting! Every week, we offer articles dedicated to the theme of our store in order to help our visitors find the lighting fixtures that meet their needs!

Today we will see:

  • The ideal height for installing a light fixture in a dining room
  • The type of lighting to choose for the dining room
  • Which light fixture to choose for the living room

Let's go !

At what height should a light fixture be installed in a dining room?

First of all, before focusing on the lighting models, let's see together what height to choose ! There are lots of different types of lighting fixtures! Whether it's pendant lights , wall lights or even bedside lamps , each of them has a specific ideal height !

Here is the ideal height for each type of light fixture:

  • Hanging lamps , like chandeliers, should be at a distance of 75 to 90 cm above the illuminated surface (table, counter) and 30 cm below an average ceiling ( 2m50 more or less).
  • Bedside lamps do not have an optimal height! It all depends on the bulb used, its lighting power and the area to be illuminated.
  • Wall lights should neither be too high nor too low ! The purpose of these lighting fixtures is to reflect light onto the walls in order to illuminate the entire room .

You will understand that the Height of a fixture is especially useful for chandeliers and other hanging fixtures.

dining room

Which Lighting Should You Choose for the Living Room and Dining Room?

Let's now move on to the question that you are all waiting for!Which lighting should be installed in the living room and the dining room?To answer it, we will simply focus on each room, detailing the precise needs of each of them. her.

Which Light Above a Table for the Dining Room?

When we think of a dining room, the image of a large table in the center of the room comes to mind! And, in fact, the first use of a light fixture in the dining room is to illuminate the table . Well yes, it would be stupid to have to eat foods that you could barely see! For this, the ideal lighting would be a chandelier with a bell to redirect the light downwards . We have already talked about it in more detail in our article dedicated to table lighting models where we explain the calculation of spacing between each lamp in order to have optimized and balanced lighting !

dining room with plant

Which Lighting for the Living Room?

As for the living room, it depends on the layout of the room ! For example, the height of your ceiling, the presence of beams, the presence of a coffee table or even the size of the room.

First of all, if your living room:

  • has a coffee table : use the same strategy as the dining room, taking into account the height of the light fixture to respect!
  • does not have a coffee table : try to light up your entire room using wall lights !
  • has a low ceiling : try lights redirected towards the floor to limit the feeling of a partition
  • has a high ceiling : so light your walls and ceiling

Discover our Light Pendants for your Home!

Now, you have all the keys in hand to know which lighting fixture to choose for your dining room and living room ! We saw together that these rooms are characterized by a central table, and therefore that suspension lamps will prove ideal . If you want to install lights for your kitchen, we advise you to follow our article on choosing the ideal pendant light for a kitchen ! In this article we will see the different types of installation to adopt depending on your type of kitchen, with or without an island.

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