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Article: What color goes well with rattan?

What color goes well with rattan?

When you spend time outdoors, your home should also be a place you want to spend time.

It is quite common for rattan furniture to be used outdoors due to its resistance to humidity and other weather elements. Here are some tips on how and what type of rattan is best suited to your interior or exterior decor.

Bright and shiny colors

Rattan is a natural material, so it goes with all colors. That said, brighter , more vibrant colors can help bring out the best in rattan.

blue and yellow with rattan


To bring out the natural beauty of rattan, you should choose more muted colors.

For example, you can use a dark blue with a natural sand finish that will pair well with rattan.

Blue is a shade often associated with relaxation and softness. Depending on the shade, blue can be a great choice for rattan.

Light yellow

Like other colors, light yellow has a warm, inviting tone.

This makes it a great choice for rattan that has a sand finish. The sand finish is more neutral and blends into yellow.

The combination of yellow and natural wood grain is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It's a great choice for a porch or patio, where you want to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Dark brown

brown color with rattan

Dark brown is a great choice for rattan if you want to complement the natural color of the rattan.

You can also use a dark brown as an accent color if you are using other, brighter colors in your decor.

If you are using an orange or red, the dark brown can contrast with these colors.

Dark brown can be a great choice for rattan that has a light finish. This can help highlight the natural richness and beauty of the wood while maintaining a more neutral color scheme.

White color for a traditional look

White is a color that can harmonize perfectly with rattan. As with other colors, white can highlight the natural beauty of wood.

White is often associated with cleanliness and simplicity .

Depending on the type of rattan, you can use white as an accent color or as the main color for your outdoor furniture.

If you want to bring a traditional look to your outdoor patio, choosing a white rattan can help create a classic look. White is a versatile color, so it can pair with a variety of different styles and aesthetics.

Even though rattan is a very versatile and beautiful material, you need to make sure that it goes well with the color scheme you want to create.

You can use these tips to help you decide what colors are best for your rattan.

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